Fight Fatigue: Foods to Avoid for Sustained Energy Levels

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Lately most of the men are suffering from the problem of low desire for intercourse. A study has shown that men suffer from such problems due to the severe harmful effects of eating habits.


Studies show that eating habits can have a detrimental effect on libido.

The likelihood of these harmful effects increases especially with advancing age. So it is better to exclude from the food list those foods which reduce physical energy or destroy this ability. Know the names of five such foods-


Alcohol is very harmful to health. It weakens the body and leaves a bad impression on the appearance and tone. Apart from this, physical strength also has a serious harmful effect. And besides, alcohol and rich food always make you drowsy, so you don't feel enthusiastic about intercourse anymore.


Most products made from soybeans contain a chemical called cytoestrogen. It adversely affects the hormonal balance in the male and female body.

According to a study, those who consume soy products worldwide are less interested in mating. So men who are thinking of having children should completely eliminate soy from their diet. Because soy also reduces sperm count.

Mint leaves:

Mint leaves are very popular for fragrance. But it is not good at all. It lowers the level of testosterone, the stimulating hormone, which cools the body and reduces interest. Therefore, ginger can be used for its fragrance, excluding mint. Ginger is very good.


Coffee plays an important role in increasing your sexual desire. The caffeine in coffee keeps your mood active. However, drinking too much coffee can be dangerous! It damages the urinary bladder and creates sex and thyroid hormone imbalances.


Cheese made from cow's milk is now very easily available in supermarkets. Many people don't have breakfast without cheese. Cheese is also considered an artificial source of hormones and antibodies. However, eating too much cheese causes estrogen-like substances to be released in the body, which lowers a person's sex drive. It can even cause loss of physical strength.

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